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Santa Barbara Independent

Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

Sierra Club

Indivisible Santa Barbara

Sunrise Movement Santa Barbara

F.A.N.s of Goleta 

Elected Officials

Susan Epstein (GUSD Board Member)

Richard Mayer (GUSD Board Member) 

Carin Ezal (GUSD Board Member)

Kate Ford (SBUSD Board Member)

Yvonne DeGraw (former GUSD Board Member)

Bill Cirone (former Santa Barbara County Education Office Superintendent)

Stuart Kasdin (Goleta City Council Member)

Margaret Connell (former Goleta Mayor, former SBUSD Board Member)

Marsha S. Croninger (SBCC Trustee)

Kristen Sneddon (Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Barbara)

Eric Friedman (Santa Barbara City Council Member)

Pedro Paz (City of Goleta Public Engagement Commission and former SBUSD Board Member)

Lanny Ebenstein (Former SBUSD Board Member)

Community Leaders

John MacFarlane (Co-Founder and former CEO, Sonos, Inc.)

Karl Hutterer (Emeritus Executive Director, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History)

Dennis Allen (Chairman, Dean's Council - Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UCSB)

Katie Davis (Chair, Santa Barbara Sierra Club)

Umesh Mishra (Co-Founder, Transphorm, Inc.; Professor of College of Engineering, UCSB)

Bob York (Dean, UCSB extension; Professor of Electrical Engineering, UCSB)

Steve Long (Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCSB)

Danielle Harlow (GUSD parent & Prof. of Education, Associate Dean, Academics, & Faculty Development, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB)

Julie Simpson (GUSD parent & Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology, UCSB)

Tyler Susko (Lecturer PSOE, Mechanical Engineering, UCSB)

Ignacio Esponda (GUSD parent & Associate Professor of Economics, UCSB)

Teresa Roberson Ishil (GUSD parent & Associate Professor, Philosophy, UCSB)

Laila Shereen Sakr (GUSD parent & Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, Feminist Studies, UCSB)

Yasmin Mostofi (GUSD parent & Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCSB)

John W. I. Lee (GUSD parent & Associate Professor, History, UCSB)

Shithi Kamal-Heikman (GUSD parent & Lecturer, Environmental Study Program, UCSB)

Tobin White (Retired Professor, Education, UC Davis)

Nathalie Guebels (GUSD parent & Department Chair, Computer Science, SBCC)

Cecilia Speroni (GUSD parent & Researcher in Education Policy, UCSB & Mathematica)

Caroline Harrah (Public Relations & Communications Manager, Technology Management Program, UCSB)

Wolf Wigo (GUSD parent & Head Coach of UCSB men’s water polo program)

Vivian Valentin (GUSD parent & Director of Kind Mind - School mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning Program)

Dima Reda (GUSD parent & President and Founder, Nataij Group)

Nellie Hill (Secondary Science Instructional Support Specialist, SBUSD)

Primit Parikh (GUSD parent & Co-Founder and COO, Transphorm Inc.)

Jeff Philips (Fish and Wildlife biologist)

Claudette Roehrig (Board Member, Girls Inc, Community Organizer, & Board Member, Democratic Women)

James Scott Love (Junior High School Science Teacher)

Dr. Lloyd Suzuki, D.D.S.  

Tao Jin (GUSD parent) 

Richard Johnston (Co-Founder of Santa Barbara High School Computer Science Academy / Mathematics Instructor)

EJ Borah

Ashley Goldstein (GUSD parent)

Kelly Hildner (GUSD Parent , Restoration Coordinator)

Lori Baur 

Socorro Chávez (GUSD teacher)

Marjorie Ryckman (GUSD teacher)

Amy Herzog (GUSD teacher) 

Krista Lucchi (GUSD teacher)

Haley Soderman (GUSD teacher)

Shravanthi Reddy (GUSD parent & COO Visant Medical)



"Vicki is compassionate, intelligent, and well informed on a wide range of issues facing our district. Of the hundreds of people who have spoken at our board meetings, Vicki consistently stands out with thoughtful and innovative ideas, many of which we have implemented."  

- GUSD Board Member, Susan Epstein

"Vicki has both integrity and passion for the highest impact for our schools.  She has copiously demonstrated that with her selfless STEAM volunteer projects.  She was a star at Sonos and would be a great asset on the School Board.”

- Sonos Co-Founder, John MacFarlane

"Vicki is passionate about education and cares about the issues that matter. She works tirelessly and effectively as an advocate for children and education. As a board member, she will bring skills in problem-solving, decision making, and partnership building to GUSD."

 - Former Superintendent Santa Barbara County Education Office, Bill Cirone

"With a PhD in Electrical Engineering and professional experience at Sonos, Vicki has brought her knowledge, passion, and advocacy to the STEM educational programs in the local schools. She is the Founder of Youth Innovation Club, a non-profit dedicated to connect local educators with scientists, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs in order to provide project-based, integrated curriculum to young people. Vicki, a native of Taiwan, was an English learner herself and is a strong advocate for a bilingual, bicultural education, as well as science, equity, and the environment."

- SBUSD Board Member, Kate Ford

"With an advanced degree in engineering and experience in the high tech industry, Vicki is passionate about science education in our schools and has demonstrated her commitment through extensive volunteer efforts. She also cares deeply about the environment."

- Emeritus Executive Director of SB Museum of Natural History, Karl Hutterer

"I learned of Vicki's dedication to the advancement of education when I worked with her on our joint robotics program between my UCSB mechanical engineering design course and her after-school engineering arts program at Isla Vista Elementary School.  She truly cares about the quality of Goleta's schools and has the engineering background required to help our schools evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world."

-Dr. Tyler Susko, UCSB Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

"After working closely with Vicki in the classroom, it is clear that she is dedicated to fostering student curiosity and interest in science.  She helped enrich my students’ lives by bringing in experts who could work one-on-one to mentor students for the science fair. She has a unique passion for educational outreach and cares about making sure students are given opportunities to excel."

- Science Teacher, Scott Love

"Vicki Ben-Yaacov has been an integral community member in building the Santa Barbara High School Computer Science Academy.  Her Strong leadership and voice helped concretely connect the curriculum of the CS Academy with the local industry while also assisting the CS Academy to develop relationships with industry leaders that will help sustain the academy for years to come."
- Co-Founder of SBHS CS Academy / Mathematics Instructor, Richard Johnston

"Vicki is THE most passionate person I know as far as youth growth and mentorship in the community goes. She has roped me in to help with Kindergarteners through Seniors in College... props to all those I know that help/give their time, but in regards to Vicki running for this position, I could very seriously think of no one better."

- Mechanical engineer Camille Zaba

"Vicki is dedicated to increasing environmental sustainability around the Santa Barbara area to improve her communities and those who are often the most vulnerable.  She has been at the forefront of implementing environmental programs into schools and business, and I am confident that she will continue to provide her services to her communities if elected."

- Environmental volunteer Celeste Argueta