Hello and welcome to my website!

I am a GUSD parent, an engineer, and a demonstrated leader in STEAM education, who will help all GUSD students achieve their potential.  

Our children deserve a safe and healthy school environment in order to learn and thrive. Elementary schools are where we lay down the foundation for children. Serving as your representative on the board will allow me to contribute my energy and passion for helping our students.

I am grateful to be endorsed by the majority of current members of the Goleta School Board. 

I value honesty, integrity, and transparent communication, and would be honored to have your vote.


  1. Educational Excellence: We must provide high-quality education programs that help students with academic and social-emotional development. We need to help students develop skills so they are future-ready.  We must also teach children sustainability and resiliency skills so they can address current and future challenges.

  2. Equity: We must provide the support and scaffolding students need to optimize their educational progress, so every child has a chance to thrive.

  3. Fiscal Responsibility: We can foresee potential budget shortages caused by the pandemic in the next few years. We must make hard decisions, balance the budget, and ensure teachers have the resources they need to do their best.

COVID-19 is impacting our lives in every way, more than ever we need School Board Members who can make decisions based on science and compassion. 


My first term as a school board member will be during the pandemic (first 1~2 years) and post-pandemic era. Schools should be able to pivot quickly when the situation changes.  Here is what I will advocate for during this challenging time:

Prioritize funding for students’ physical and mental health

  • Ensure that health and safety protocols are met when students return for in-person instruction.

  • Provide mental health support for students; Regularly check-in with students identified as special needs.  

  • Ensure food security for our students.

  • Provide childcare for essential workers.

  • Provide in-person care for special needs students. 

Ensure the quality of the education

  • Provide the training and support teachers need to ensure high-quality instruction, whether it is online or in-person.

  • Implement small group instruction models to target the students' needs and provide tutoring services. 

  • Provide internet access and devices for families who need them, even after the pandemic.

  • Promote educational programs that help children develop skills for problem-solving, creativity, analytic thinking, collaboration, and communication.

  • Promote outdoor classroom activities and incorporate sustainability educational programs into the curriculum.  

  • Support dual language immersion program.

  • Provide early intervention for at-promise students or students with special needs (language, dyslexia, etc.).  

Learn from the pandemic experience and make the real systematic transformation

  • Utilize educational technologies to personalize learning and increase equity.

  • Engage in honest conversations with students about racial justice.

  • Incorporate community resources and parent involvement with our schools.